Dr. Alain Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho.

Dr. Alain Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho. is recognized as a premier expert in the Invisalign technique among orthodontists in Quebec. However, there are occasional cases where patients cannot benefit from this approach. With over 40 years of experience in orthodontics, Dr. Brault is positioned to recommend and provide multiple treatment options, including braces when appropriate.

Two methods, two approaches

Metal dental braces work with an orthodontic wire that is connected to each tooth by a bracket bonded to the outer surface of the tooth. The wire is made of an alloy that generates light pressure. To achieve the movement, it is necessary that several teeth are attached to each other.
On average, wires are replaced every eight weeks or until the teeth are properly aligned. The duration of treatment varies depending on the types of movements required.

Financing available

Regarding aesthetics, there are metal cases with a gray appearance but also cases made of ceramic that are practically invisible.

Our treatment coordinator will help you obtain the maximum coverage and the best payment plan for you. Take advantage of the free consultation and come see us!

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