L’orthodontie invisible Invisalign™

Getting a perfect smile without resorting to braces is now a reality!
Clear aligners are tailor-made for your teeth, allowing them to be moved gradually. Each subtle adjustment brings you one step closer to your ideal smile, with efficiency, gentleness and precision

Invisalign for children

Who is the Invisalign treatment in Montreal or Tremblant for?

Regardless of your age, adult or adolescent, the Invisalign method is recommended in the following situations:

Invisalign for adults


Information session for the first visit

The professional must meet with you for a consultation in order to inform you correctly about the different possible treatments according to your needs. This information session lasts approximately 30 minutes. Each case will be precisely evaluated by Dr. Alain Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho., to validate your eligibility for Invisalign® treatment.


Acceptance of the treatment plan and data collection

When you accept the proposed treatment, an appointment lasting approximately one hour will be scheduled.
This meeting is used to collect diagnostic data. This means that your mouth and teeth will be photographed and x-rayed. Your dental impressions will be taken using Itero technology, a method of taking images to create a 3D model. This model will then be used to design your straightening gutters.


Installing your devices

Three weeks after taking diagnostic data, you will have an appointment to receive your devices. These are transparent shells that cover all teeth. The number of shells required varies depending on the degree of straightening needed as part of your treatment plan.


Treatment monitoring

Each shell will be worn for 14 days and nights, except during meals. An average of 150 hours per device.
Control visits are planned every 8 or 10 weeks.


Duration of treatment

The duration of treatment is determined by the severity of the tooth misalignment:

Very severe: The method could have its limits. That is, you will need pins in part or in full.


After treatment

Once the teeth are straightened, retaining shells are required.
You will only wear them at night for the years following treatment.
They are essential so that the ligaments which connect the teeth, stretched during treatment, relax.
At any time, Dr. Alain Brault will judge with you the best option to keep your smile aligned.

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