With an impressive career spanning over 40 years, Dr. Brault is a key figure in orthodontics in Quebec. He made history by being one of the pioneers of Invisalign technology in Canada, bringing undisputed expertise of more than 20 years in its use. Passionate about orthodontics, he constantly remains at the forefront of technological advances to offer excellent treatments.

His human and empathetic nature is reflected in his exceptional attention to each of his patients. Outside of his work, Dr. Brault is an avid sports enthusiast, from skiing to alpine hiking, golf and tennis, these activities are an integral part of his lifestyle and contribute greatly to his balance and well-being. well-being. If you are looking for an orthodontist whose unrivaled expertise and mastery of Invisalign technology guarantees you the highest quality treatment, while being welcomed by a warm and dynamic personality, Dr. Brault is the ideal professional to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Meriem Djaalali

Manager of the Montreal HD Clinic

Meriem Djaalali stands out for her initiative, innovation, and commitment to exceptional care. With special attention to quality service, and training in dentistry, she contributes to sound management of the practice with in-depth expertise. Meriem is passionate about orthodontics, and stays current with the latest advances in training to continuously offer high quality treatment. She is known for her keen sense of listening, and is dedicated to supporting personalized patient needs.

Aaricia Larivée HD

Aaricia graduated in dental hygiene in 2013, and has practiced orthodontics since 2016 while devoting herself to advancing her skills in orthodontics. She is dedicated to the oral health and care of her patients, which is reflected in the high quality of care she provides. Her life outside the clinic carries the same positive energy as it does within the clinic. She is a mother and a music lover, and enjoys soothing and creative activities, like knitting, to maintain a healthy balance between her professional life and personal life.

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