What is good to know before orthodontic treatment

What you need to know before starting orthodontic treatment

Feeling good about yourself and feeling good about your decisions do not go hand in hand. If you are thinking about having your teeth straightened, contact an orthodontist beforehand so that you can make an informed decision with full knowledge of the facts. In order to be as comfortable as possible with your treatment, here are certain factors to consider before beginning your journey towards a renewed smile.


It is essential to learn about the different types of dental appliances that exist before starting orthodontic treatment. Today, many options are available to you depending on your needs and preferences. The most common options are classic dental appliances (braces) and removable dental appliances (Invisalign aligners) which present differences in particular in terms of comfort and maintenance. In the majority of cases, Invisalign will be the treatment of choice for the patient.


The uncertainty surrounding the cost of treatment can definitely create anxiety. Knowing the exact cost of your treatment allows you to better plan payments within your budget. At Dr. Brault’s clinic, you can benefit from a free consultation worth $200, during which your type of malocclusion will be identified. The final price of your treatment can also be set during this meeting. Dr. Brault’s clinic offers solutions to facilitate payments, such as diversified payment plans. The clinic also offers advantageous payment terms such as interest-free monthly payments or a discount of up to 10% for treating several members of the same family. To this, we also add the eligibility of certain treatments for the Tax Credit as well as quality support to ensure maximum coverage but also obtain you the best payment plan, adapted to your budget. To better prepare, check out our How to Plan Braces Cost article.


A relationship of trust between you and the dental professional is essential before considering orthodontic treatment. Take advantage of the first meeting to assess your level of comfort in the presence of the orthodontist. Do not hesitate to engage in dialogue and ask all your questions, without embarrassment. It is essential that you feel comfortable sharing your concerns.


What you also need to know before starting orthodontic treatment is that you are about to invest in a smile that will provide you with both aesthetic and functional benefits for your entire life. You will say thank you, it’s guaranteed!

To find out more about the different phases of orthodontic treatments, contact Dr. Alain Brault’s team and benefit from a free consultation worth $200 at the Montreal or Mont-Tremblant clinic.

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